About Raffield Fisheries

A life dedicated to creating a family business shaped by honesty, hard work and a love of the sea!

Captain Carl is a pioneer in the fishing industry here in the Gulf of Mexico. He is credited with many innovative fishing developments both in gear and boat design. He is known by watermen all along the Gulf Coast for his ability to catch fish and to make friendships that have no end. It is with this example of honesty and integrity that we strive to serve you...our valued customer!

Raffield Fisheries was incorporated in 1961, evolving from a family business of six generations. The company has moved from salting fish and packing them in wooden barrels in 1898 to state-of-the-art bagging machines, IQF packaging, and distributing through chain stores today. Raffield Fisheries is HAACP certified and has a USDC inspector on site to ensure absolutely the best quality available.

Members of the large Raffield family are pictured salting fish in the early 1900s. This photo was taken just off current U.S. Hwy. 98 on what is now the Tyndall Air Force Base reservation. Schools of mullet three miles long and 300 to 400 yards wide were common then, and were caught in seine nets. With no means of preserving fish until the construction of an ice plant in 1908, the fishermen had to gut and salt all their fish. They preserved them by packing them in layers of salt for a few days until brine formed. Then they resalted the fish and packed them in wooden barrels.

Raffield family members still work in the family-dominated business. Fish are now preserved in the state-of-the-art freezer unit, part of our processing plant on the banks of the Intracoastal Canal. From there, various seafood products are shipped to many domestic markets and to a varied group of international markets, including emerging Third World nations, Canada, Caribbean countries, Europe and the Far East.